Deploy the State of the Art Data and Knowledge Management
and Get to the Analysis of Your Data Faster

The Problem

  • The volume and variety of data collected in life science research projects has increased exponentially which means a project's data and knowledge management infrastructure is more complex than ever before.
  • Often the tendency is to try to create solutions from scratch, but this leads to a lot of redundant effort.
  • The real challenge is being able to deliver the right platform and long term database solutions that are suited for collaborations.

eTRIKS Data Science Network (eDSN)

eDSN is a collection of service providers that apply the approach of eTRIKS, a project that supported 50 research projects with IT and KM solutions.

Why eDSN?

Members understand the challenges of working in consortia

eDSN experts have experience with a multitude of different data types

Ability to rapidly deploy solutions

Knowledgeable about open source solutions from which you can build upon

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