Neil Fitch at the European Parliament

Neil Fitch attended the AirPROM summary event at the European Parliament on the 31<sup>st</sup> May 2016.

BioSci Consulting has been supporting the EU funded AirPROM project for the past 5 years. AirPROM set out to develop patient predicative models to assist research and eventually help clinicians to make decisions on patient treatment.

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Scott Wagers talk

Dr. Scott Wagers gave the keynote speech at the CDISC European Interchange in Vienna on the 29th April 2016. The speech focused on Meaningful Involvement of Patients in Life Science Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives. Patient involvement is a growing theme in life science research, with regulatory bodies now expecting patients to have been involved in the projects working towards presenting their trial results for regulatory approval.

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Peter Sterk recognized for his work on research collaborations.

Professor Peter Sterk from Amsterdam Medical Centre in the Netherlands was recently recognized by BioSci Consulting for his efforts in making step changes in the life sciences concrete.

Peter exemplifies the type of leading researcher that really makes a difference. When others viewed the U-BIOPRED project as ‘too ambitious’ and ‘too complicated’ Peter was steadfast and always insisted on having an ethos of collaboration”.

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