Transferable Skills Masterclass for Researchers

Build a satisfying research career.

The #1 determinant of success in a research career, academic and in industry, is not your knowledge of the field, or the results of your research.

It is your ability to get things done, apply new techniques, communicate, collaborate, and develop a vision of what you want to accomplish. Learn how you can efficiently master these 'transferable skills'.

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No need to choose between academia or industry.

Like all researchers in training, and even those beyond their training, you probably think you have to make a choice between academia or industry.

What if you did not have to make that choice?

By focusing your career development efforts on mastering transferable skills, you can be more confident and successful in academia, while at the same time improving your appeal to non-academic employers.

What will you get?

  • The quickest path for building your transferable skills in order to stand out and develop a career that is satisfying.

  • A much improved understanding of your career options and a way to develop skills that will make you successful now as a researcher, and in the future regardless of your career path.

  • Concrete results ( a revised CV, research paper, grant proposal…) and an approach that you can put in practice immediately

Would you like us to plan a masterclass in your city?

We are touring Europe organizing these training sessions. For a limited time we are going to offer this masterclasss at a fraction of what similar programmes charge. If you would like us to come to your city, please let us know by clicking the button below.

Learn how to apply an approach that significantly increases your chances of becoming an independent investigator (while also making your CV appealing to top industry employers).

Scott Wagers, MD

Having started my career in academia, and now spending the last 10 years as an entrepreneur facilitating convergent science and innovation projects where we work with academic and industry research leaders, I look back and think to myself ‘Boy I wish I had the business know-how and  skills I do now when I was starting out as an academic researcher. The Transferable Skills Masterclass is where I help researchers learn shortcuts to acquiring those types of skills.

Scott Wagers, MD CEO BioSci Consulting

If after the first day of the masterclass you are not satisfied, tell us why and we will refund your registration fee in full.


Workshop Program


  • Webinar for participants to orientate about content, a couple of weeks ahead of the event
  • Prep-work

2 day workshop (9:00 - 17:00):

2 days of 6 hour interactive sessions. As part of the training, each participant will receive a booklet and will have access to online documents and slide decks. Most sessions are organized around a presentation, then an interactive session, and closed with a a wrap-up session that highlights take home points, the business perspective, alternative career paths, and next actions.

Day 1:

  • Efficiency: [interactive session that will help you understand a general strategy to become more efficient]
  • Researchers Transferable Skill #1: Funding [building a 1 slide call topic frame for your ideal grant and as part of your guidebook]
  • Researchers Transferable Skill #2: Methods [create a pitch for your techniques (existing or to be developed) which give you an unfair advantage and pitch to one another]
  • Researchers Transferable Skill #3: Data [exercise to help you appreciate the challenges of working with data and a live data exploration effort]

Day 2:

  • Researchers Transferable Skill #4: Publications [exercise to illustrate a method of reviewing your writing and then practice of that method]
  • Session on effective collaboration
  • Building your own guidebook, personal pitch, and CV that will help you your capacity as a researcher and highlight your abilities that differentiate you from other researchers in any field.

Post-workshop: follow up teleconference call

2-hour discussion: participants will present individual guide book in 3 minutes and share thoughts and experiences.

In two days you will learn:

  • An approach to acquiring transferable skills that is highly efficient
  • How to develop a path to a meaningful career
  • A method for organising yourself that allows you to get control of all that you have to do
  • What it means to 'pitch' your techniques and yourself
  • How to become a top notch writer
  • Why collaborations are a golden opportunity
  • What every researcher should know about data and how to use it to get ahead

You will walk away with:

  • A concrete step-by-step career roadmap
  • The introduction to your signature high impact paper
  • A strategic framework for your next proposal
  • A re-structured CV that will help you stand out
  • Increased confidence as a researcher
  • A pitch to use for a research technique you have mastered
  • A guidebook that you can use daily sharpen your focus

As a PhD student in the final months of my training, this workshop from BioSci consulting helped me solve doubts about my future academic career and gave me a lot of great tips for grant proposal writing.

Theresa Palao Garcia

Cardiovascular PhD fellow, Biotech & Pharmacology

Frequently Asked Questions

What are transferable skills? +

There are 4 basic needs in research: funding, methods, data, and publications. Researcher self-actualisation occurs when they are able to contribute towards ‘moving the field’, cause a paradigm shift, or simply achieve a meaningful result that adds to the bigger picture. It is about contributing to step-changes in our understanding and understanding the power of collaboration. The career development of a researcher can be viewed as a process of fulfilling these needs (Figure: ‘The researchers needs roadmap’). The concept can be used as framework for the Masterclass. The transferable skills are essential to achieve a tenure track position but even more so, important to prepare for transitioning to a non-academic career opportunity.

What does 'unlock your city' mean? +

We plan a masterclass when there is sufficient interest in a particular city or area. Once enough people have unlocked a city, we put a class on the schedule in that city. So, if you want to have the masterclass in your city, ask everyone you know who might be interested to come to the site and unlock your city on our website.

Can this all be done in 2 days? +

This is a good question. The short answer is that you will not walk away from the class having mastered all of these skills. You will, however, learn an approach to developing transferable skills in an efficient manner. You should spend the rest of your career working on your transferable skills, the masterclass will give you a head start that will differentiate you from other researchers who develop these skills in a haphazard manner.

What does it cost? +

If you sign up early 300 euros (including VAT). The regular price is 500 euros. Trainings like this can cost up to 1.000 euros/day. Our goal at this stage is to maximize the number of people who will undergo this training. The price is likely to increase in the future.

Who should attend? +

The approach you will learn at Transferable Skills Masterclass will be of value to you regardless of your training level. If you are early in your training there is no better time to build good habits. If you are towards the end of your training, or in the first stages of your post training career, it is even more important that you work on your transferable skills. Even if you are well established, this masterclass will also be of benefit, if anything as a means of reinforcing best practices.

It does not matter if you are aiming to have an academic or non-academic career. This is why they are called transferable skills because they are skills that are likely to be critical to your success regardless of what kind of career path your take.

Why is this masterclass different from other such courses? +

The concept behind the Transferable Skills Masterclass is to develop business or entrepreneurial skills and apply them to a research career. The course is taught by someone who has made the switch from academia to being an entrepreneur who works with multiple leading academic and industry researchers. A common characteristic present in every successful researcher is the ability to get things done and communicate well about what they are doing.

Furthermore, this masterclass is designed to be interactive and challenging. You will not be sitting and passively absorbing material for 2 days. The mantra is learn by doing. This also means that you will walk away with concrete outputs such as a restructured CV, a roadmap for your career, the introduction of your major research paper, a pitch of who you are and the techniques you offer, and the framework for your next grant proposal.

Do you give discounts? +

300 euros for the 2 days, the pre-webinar, and the follow up call is the best price we can offer. However, when you sign up you will be given a unique referral link. For everyone who signs up using your link, you will receive a free month of our Transferable Skills Mastermind Group. Our mastermind groups are meant to be an ongoing training series and accountability group. It will meet every month by conference call and the content will be based upon the needs of the group. You will also have the possibility of presenting in the group either a technique pitch, your own elevator pitch or just report your progress. The Transferable Skills Mastermind group will start at 300 euros/year with the first month free. So, if 11 of your friends and colleagues register for the masterclass you will get the entire year for free.

Sharpen the saw

How much of your time do you spend working on your skills? It is recommended that you spend at least 15% of your time on aspects other than your research. Even that it is not a lot of time.

Learn how to make the most out of the time you spend 'sharpening the saw'. It is a proactive investment that will lead to major gains.

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