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  • Scott Wagers, MD

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    Scott Wagers, MD is a medical R&D open innovation catalyst. Trained as a respiratory and critical care physician and researcher, Scott brings more 20 years experience in medical R&D. He began his career as a clinician/scientist at the University of Vermont. He has had a major role in several European based collaborative research projects (U-BIOPRED, AirPROM, COPD MAP, eTRIKS, ERS Research Agency). He also has skills and experience in life sciences business development. This has included advising on establishing a data infrastructure at an institute, sustainability plans for projects, supporting small to medium enterprises in their efforts to get funding, advising a large professional society on the set up of a research agency as well as participation in an internet start-up. He has also completed level 1 mentor training in lean start-up methodology.

    As an open innovation catalyst he facilitates research and innovation by driving a process of integrative thinking, making connections, and helping to position projects in the broader context of medical research and development. Creating plans and promoting iterative processes to create a chain of incremental successes he helps to drive the process of transforming ideas into concrete delivery of big projects for changing the future of medicine.

  • Ninja Hoen

    Ninja is an operating director. She is not only highly efficient in planning conference calls and meetings, she has also developed skills is developing and monitoring budgets in our efforts to pull together grant funding proposals which often include budgets that have to conform to mundane bureaucratic rules.

  • Aleksandra Draper

    Aleksandra is an executive assistant who has experience in making project logistics run smoothly. She is specialized in graphical design and websites.