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U-BIOPRED: a highly interactive consortium that is shaping our understanding of asthma

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In this podcast I interview the three co-coordinators of the U-BIOPRED project: Ian Adcock, Sven-Erik Dahlen, and Shamsah Kazani. Now you may remember that Peter Sterk was the original Coordinator along with Chris Compton from the pharma side. Peter went on to receive a high level knighthood from the Dutch government as the crowning glory to a outstanding career and has since retired. He passed on the coordinatorship which the consortium members then elected Ian Adcock as the Coordinator with Sven-Erik as the co-coordinator. 

U-BIOPRED has been extremely productive largely due to the fact that a large cohort of individuals with severe asthma both adults and children were characterised by clinical measures, patient reported outcomes and multiple types of high throughput analyses: proteomics, metabolomics, breathomics, genomics, transcriptomics, lipidomics, and microbiome analysis. Just as an example, I conducted this interview in March and it is mentioned in the interview that there are 40 publications, now the total is 60, which is an accelerating pace which we expect to continue to increase. 

In the interview we touch base on what it has been like to work in a highly interactive consortium, concepts like treatable traits, precision medicine and in general what is needed to advance our understanding of asthma.