BioSci Consulting’s implementation of a lean startup approach has helped to very rapidly move the European Respiratory Society Research Agency along the path to becoming something concrete. This has led to a level of enthusiasm within the Society which is important for these kinds of development projects.

Werner Bill
European Respiratory Society
Executive Director


BioSci Consulting provided both the organisational support and the strategic facilitation to guide us through the formation of both the concept and the content of the proposal. Their process of first outlining the proposal in a set of proposal ‘frames’ helped us to identify the gaps and then shape the proposal in the terms and structure that are needed. Having such support allowed us to focus more on the science. I would strongly recommend the use of their services to anyone putting together a proposal.

Dr. med. Torsten-Gerriet Blum
Helios Klinikum
Head of the Department of Pneumology


The challenge with EU Grants is that they have to take excellent science and then frame it in way that has ‘impact’. This requires a combination of scientific and business thinking. BioSci Consutling helped us immensely in this regard and enabled us to put together a strong proposal. Their facilitation of our discussions allowed us to evolve the idea behind the proposal and come out in the end with a very interesting proposal. I found their support very useful and would recomend therm to anyone looking to assemble an ambitious and complex project.

Dr. Alvar Agustí
Hospital Clínic Barcelona
Director of the Thorax Institute


The team at BioSci Consulting have been essential as backbone of U-BIOPRED, right from the very beginning. And BioSci is now making sure that U-BIOPRED continues to deliver even after the funding period ended. Their insights on very practical and effective avenues to maintain the collaboration have been critical to our success. They have also set up and managed a publication process that is helping us to deliver on the 70+ publications we are planning in U-BIOPRED. To me as principle investigator of this huge consortium, a cornerstone is BioSci and my personal partnership with its professionals! I would highly recommend them for helping any multi-stakeholder collaboration maximize its potential.

Prof. Peter Sterk
Academic Medical Center Amsterdam
U-BIOPRED Coordinator


From U-BIOPRED to the European Respiratory Society Research Agency Scott and his team from BioSci Consulting provide a high level of expertise and know how. Their ability to take a complex project with many different contributors and move it along to the point that it produces meaningful output is highly valuable.

Prof. Elisabeth Bel
Academic Medical Center Amsterdam
European Respiratory Society past President


The team at BioSci Consulting have been instrumental in helping us to initiate a public private partnership in a therapeutic area that is facing many bottlenecks in drug development. The approach of integrating scientific discussions and individual perspectives through the use of a ‘collaboration canvas’ will help to create a framework that will avoid the situation where efforts are made and the only result is just more high level discussions.

Sabine Bongardt
Senior Clinical Program Director


Scott’s recommendation to use a ‘lean startup’ process is exactly what we needed. Taking an approach that emphasizes validating concepts as part of the early development phase of the ERS Research Agency has proven very powerful as we have been able to adapt and build a research agency that fulfills a real need while minimizing the risk of creating something that is a drain on our resources. I would highly recommend using their services to develop your next important life science project.

Jorgen Vestbo, MD
University of Manchester
European Respiratory Society President


Scott and his colleagues at BioSci Consulting helped us put together different grant funding proposals that stood out in terms of their clarity and professional appearance. Their support was key to allowing us to focus more on the science and engineering aspects of the proposal.

Billy Boyle
CEO & Co-founder Owlstone Medical Ltd


BioSci’s support was essential to pulling together a high quality proposal in a short period of time. They are very knowledgeable and responsive. We worked closely together as a team to produce a top notch proposal.

Stefano Aliberti, MD
University of Milan
Coordinator of the AirMiCROB proposal


Scott and his organisation have provided essential support for the development of the ERS Research Agency. The combination of clinical, ressearch, and business development expertise is difficult to find and has been essential in guiding us on the development of the Research Agency. Their support has been both strategic and tactical.

Prof. GB Migliori, MD
European Respiratory Society Secretary General


BioSci Consulting has an outstanding track record in getting large collaborative projects to deliver beyond expectation. The team at BioSci Consulting have helped to move the European Respiratory Society Research Agency beyond the idea phase and into reality. They are both knowledgeable and high professional in their efforts. Even with a short timeline they helped the ERS prepare and submit 2 Horizon 2020 proposals simultaneously.

Guy Brusselle, MD
Ghent University Hospital
European Respiratory Science Council Chair Elect


Scott and his organisation have provided essential support for the development of the ERS Research Agency. The combination of clinical, ressearch, and business development expertise is difficult to find and has been essential in guiding us on the development of the Research Agency. Their support has been both strategic and tactical.

Prof. Stephen Holgate
Southampton General Hospital
European Respiratory Society Science Council Chair


Always enjoy your blogs. There is no doubt that your company ran UBIOPRED in an excellent way. The communication by regular TCs and face to face meetings which included any patient on the PIP platform who could attend all helped too.

Amanda Roberts
U-BIOPRED Patient Input Platform member


Scott’s Consulting company has great potential for growth and I warmly recommend it to anyone who needs support to put together and live large and complex EU grants.

Prof. Ratko Djukanovic, MD
Southampton University
U-BIOPRED leader of Work Package 7 – ‘omics’


Scott provided strategic input for the development of our proposal in a very timely manner. His insight into structuring collaborative projects, in particular the IMI, proved to be invaluable to our bid.

Professor Jamie Timmons, PhD
Coordinator of the Metapredict consortium


About U-BIOPRED: “Furthermore, this ideological project has seemingly succeeded where so many others have failed, challenging the culture of how science is done by systematically collecting and analysing data in a successful pan-European collaboration involving academia, industry, and patients.”

Lancet Respiratory Medicine


The SMARTER Workshop was interesting. It allowed us to see interactions and the potential in our peers and ourselves during interactive exercises in groups. Besides that, it is very good to have a plan/ roadmap that was povided to us. This will be very useful. I like all the practical exercises where we had to work alone or in the groups, because that surfaced a lot where we can improve and how to use the knowledge you give us in practice.

Dr. Aleksandra Mazur
Aarhus University


As a phD student on its last months, the SMARTER Workshop led by BioSci Consulting helped us to solve doubts about our future careers in academy and gave us a lot of great tips for grant proposal writing.

Teresa Palao Garcia
Cardiovascular PhD Fellow
Biotech & Pharmacology