Who we are

  • Scott Wagers

    Scott Wagers, MD

    Scott Wagers, MD is a life sciences open innovation catalyst. Trained as a respiratory and critical care physician and researcher, Scott brings more 20 years experience in the life sciences and more than 10.000 hours of experience as a moderator of dialogue in cognitively diverse teams. As the founder and CEO of BioSci Consulting he has had a pivotal role in several European based collaborative research projects (U-BIOPRED, AirPROM, COPD MAP, eTRIKS, ERS Research Agency, AIMS-2-Trials). His main focus is on bringing innovative companies together with stakeholders and diverse disciplines to develop and deliver collaborative projects that will help change the future of medicine.

  • SapnaSheth_Photo BW

    Sapna Sheth

    Sapna is Programme Manager with oversight of stakeholder engagement and sustainability activities across multiple EU public-private partnership consortia. With over a decade of wide-ranging experience in the health sector, Sapna has led diverse high value, sustainable programmes. Adept at building and cultivating relationships and collaborations with all stakeholders, she imbibes the BioSci Consulting ethos to develop impactful strategies to accelerate innovation in healthcare.

  • Ninja Hoen

    Ninja Hoen

    Ninja is an operating director. She is not only highly efficient in planning conference calls and meetings, she has also developed skills is developing and monitoring budgets in our efforts to pull together grant funding proposals which often include budgets that have to conform to mundane bureaucratic rules.

  • Aleksandra Draper

    Aleksandra Draper

    Aleksandra is an executive assistant who has experience in making project logistics run smoothly. She is specialized in graphical design and websites.