Changing the future of medicine together.

With our proven process we help life science innovators think and work together with other companies, academics, and foundations to accelerate the transformation of ideas into clinical practice.

Open innovation projects create opportunities to combine your expertise, knowledge, and technology with that of others to build better projects and get more funding. Together you can make something remarkable that has a chance to really make a difference.

Innovating in a silo limits your potential.

Over the past 12 years we have moderated over 5.000 discussions between academia, industry, and foundations to raise over 60 million in funding and to develop and deliver signature open innovation projects such as:

Benefit from open innovation projects with as little as 1-2 hours a week of your own time.

Assembled Chaos Model guide to productive open innovation projects.

What some of our clients have to say:

An idea is just a beginning, and proof of concept alone does not help patients.

As we move towards increasingly complex precision medicine approaches, achieving scientific validation and widespread clinical adoption for an innovation on your own becomes less feasible.

Furthermore, by engaging a range of stakeholders in an open innovation project you can accelerate the pace at which the wider medical community accepts your innovation.