Helping academia, industry, and foundations change the future of medicine with productive open innovation

Using our proven agile approach, the Assembled Chaos Model, we can help you:

  • pull together the right partners and resources so that you can develop and deliver on big meaningful projects
  • structure projects so that the objectives of individual partners are met while still delivering a societal level impact
  • minimize logistic hassles allowing you to focus on what matters most
  • keep project teams focused on making concrete steps to keep projects on track
  • solve problems and conflicts rapidly so that they do not block progress
  • position your projects on the leading edge of research increasing the chances they will be funded and produce meaningful results
  • develop business models that allow you to sustain collaboration, know how, and assets such as data
  • deploy novel stakeholder involvement strategies so that you do not waste time on initiatives that will not gain traction
  • make the most of open source, crowdfunding, and crowdsourcing approaches allowing you to efficiently gain from a diversity of expertise

We have helped academia, industry, and foundations deliver big projects via public-private partnerships such as:

The Assembled Chaos Model

Our proven approach for making public-private partnerships more effective.

What some of our clients have to say:

Projects that aim to have a real impact on the future of medicine require the diversity of expertise and perspectives you find in public-private partnerships.

If you are in a public-private partnership or just have and idea about doing something great that will change the future of medicine. Get in touch.

We have resources that can help you make a public-private partnership more effective or help you start a public-private partnership.

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