Collaborative partnerships should enable you to accomplish more than you could on your own....

But, that's often not what happens.

We help bring  multiple disciplines and stakeholders together to deliver science and innovation projects.

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The problem

Collaborative partnerships¹ typically require substantial investment of resources.

However, nearly 60% collaborative partnerships either completely or partially fail to meet objectives, which means there is a significant risk that your resource investment will be wasted. Failing to meet objectives in a collaborative partnership can also have a major impact on your reputation and the reputation of your organization.

The problem is that if you want to contribute to step changes in your field, collaborative partnerships are essential.

BioSci Consulting is dedicated to making medical innovation collaborations successful. We take a convergence approach to innovation.  This means that the emphasis is on the integration of the multiple perspectives to creatively solve problems and make progress more rapidly. It is based upon extensive experience in helping to deliver complex multi-stakeholder collaborations.

¹Collaborative partnership - a group of individuals and/or organisations working together to solve problems and make progress towards a common goal. Ex: Research consortia; professional societies; public - private partnerships; multi-stakeholder collaborations; training networks; open source projects; patient organisations; small scale collaborations; precision medicine projects.

What some of our clients have to say:

From U-BIOPRED to the European Respiratory Society Research Agency Scott and his team from BioSci Consulting provide a high level of expertise and know how. Their ability to take a complex project with many different contributors and move it along to the point that it produces meaningful output is highly valuable.

Prof. Elisabeth Bel, Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, European Respiratory Society past President

The team at BioSci Consulting have been instrumental in helping us to initiate a public private partnership in a therapeutic area that is facing many bottlenecks in drug development. The approach of integrating scientific discussions and individual perspectives through the use of a ‘collaboration canvas’ will help to create a framework that will avoid the situation where efforts are made and the only result is just more high level discussions.

Sabine Bongardt, UCB, Senior Clinical Program Director

How we can help you:

  • Avoid the pitfalls of collaboration

    Collaborative partnership consulting: We have experienced many of the mistakes that result in failed collaborations. Benefit from our experience. Learn more…

  • Develop truly innovative projects born out of group genius

    Collaborative project formation: From concept to funding proposal submission. Learn more…

  • Have collaborative projects that deliver

    Collaborative project acceleration: Implementing effective collaboration best practices to get things done faster and deliver on all objectives. Learn more…

  • Master transferable skills that advance both academic and nonacademic careers

    Masterclasses and mastermind groups on career development, collaboration, proposal preparation and data. Learn more…

  • Craft strategically sound proposals with the right balance of structure and flexibility

    Grant proposal consulting and support: Our project office can also help you create professional looking proposals with less hassle. Learn more…

  • Hold stakeholder dialogues that lead to concrete, actionable outputs

    Meaningful stakeholder dialogues: innovative methodologies for getting beyond token input. Learn more…

  • Deploy a collaborative approach to getting your data ready for analysis faster

    Maximizing the value of research project data: Through a network of partners built up through the eTRIKS project we can help you implement best practices for integrating, exploring and preserving translational research project data. Learn more…

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