We help life science researchers and innovators achieve.

Advice and support for deploying convergent approaches to accelerate project delivery.

We think with you about how to best integrate the expertise and perspectives of multiple disciplines and stakeholders to form concrete plans and creatively solve project implementation problems. 

We have helped make several large ambitious projects successful even in the face of high levels of scepticism.

Projects we helped make successful:

Convergent approaches to help you achieve:

  • Balanced project formation and management

    Public/partnerships, multi-stakeholder collaborations, collaborative partnerships, strategic alliances, and consortia.

  • Quality data in precision medicine research studies

    Clinical study management, data capture, data management, data analysis, data integration, and data preservation

  • Efficient and productive advisory boards

    Clinical studies, scientific, company/non-profit positioning, and business development

  • Concrete project plans

    Transformation of vague ideas into next actions and long term plans

  • Clear and impactful grant proposals

    Concept development, project planning, budgeting, defining impact, writing, polishing, submitting

  • Effective integration of the patient perspective

    Workshops, R&D projects, policy efforts, and consortia

  • Workshops and meetings that deliver concrete outputs

    Organising, promoting, facilitating, and reporting

  • Lean business model development

    Concept, positioning, validating, and business plans

  • Professional reports and white papers

    Content generation, surveys, interviews, and writing

Every project is different, but at the same time alike, in that no matter what, there are always project implementation problems.

A project without problems is probably not a project worth doing. Our initial accelerating project delivery strategy call is about understanding the problems you are facing, or anticipate facing as you form a new project, and to understand how we can help.

Our depth of experience means that we can usually immediately give you some ideas on how to solve your problems. There is no cost and no obligation.

For us, it is worth our time to gain an understanding at what kind of problems you are facing. We guarantee it will not be a waste of your time. Get your project moving - schedule a call.

Insights and updates

What some of our clients have to say:

From U-BIOPRED to the European Respiratory Society Research Agency Scott and his team from BioSci Consulting provide a high level of expertise and know how. Their ability to take a complex project with many different contributors and move it along to the point that it produces meaningful output is highly valuable.

Prof. Elisabeth Bel, Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, European Respiratory Society past President

The team at BioSci Consulting have been instrumental in helping us to initiate a public private partnership in a therapeutic area that is facing many bottlenecks in drug development. The approach of integrating scientific discussions and individual perspectives through the use of a ‘collaboration canvas’ will help to create a framework that will avoid the situation where efforts are made and the only result is just more high level discussions.

Sabine Bongardt, UCB, Senior Clinical Program Director