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build cohesive consortia...

... that become effective drivers of innovation and expanding sources of  opportunity.

What could we achieve if all medical researchers doubled their research productivity?

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Where do you start? 

How to build a consortium: a fourteen step plan.

You do not have to wait for someone to invite you to join a consortium project, or hope the the right grant funding call topic is published. 

Check out this article to learn:
  • Why it is important to have a consortium project strategy
  • How to define your own strategy
  • The steps to building a cohesive consortium

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Our experience

By the numbers

Implemented in the wrong way consortium projects just add a layer of bureaucracy. Most leading medical researchers participate in 3-5 consortium projects throughout their career. Consortium projects are our focus.


Consortium projects designed = 47

We manage the process and provide intellectual input  


Consortium projects guided = 23

Supporting ongoing interaction and strategic direction


Consortium project funding = 187 million

Multi-channel funding 


Hours facilitating multi-disciplinary dialogue = 11.000

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