Make a real difference for the future of medicine.

Achieve more by gaining a distinct advantage through projects and business plans that amplify the value of working well together.

Benefit from the practical and technical knowledge we have developed by moderating more than 8.000 hours of discussions of multidisciplinary teams working to design and deliver paradigm shifting projects in the life sciences.

Using a proven design thinking process we will help you design and deliver projects and business plans that:

  • Engage 80% or more of project partners in helping you to deliver
  • Have at least 4 X more opportunities for funding
  • Shorten the translational gap (valley of death) by 50%
  • Make progress 50% faster than a typical collaborative project
  • Double the chance that you will be able deliver on complex and ambitious goals

Our Story

Unable to continue his career as a clinician researcher because of cross border work permitting issues, Scott Wagers founded BioSci Consulting in 2006 as a temporising measure.

It was a struggle. Designing and delivering collaborative projects is very different from conducting your own research. Then the opportunity arose to partner with one of the icons in the field of asthma research, Peter Sterk.

Together with a group of leaders in the field they designed and delivered one of the initial flagship projects of the Innovative medicines initiative: U-BIOPRED.

In addition to U-BIOPRED, at BioSci Consulting we have helped design and deliver a number of paradigm shifting projects across various domains worth more than 178 million euros:

If you would like to make a real difference in medicine with a highly performing project, ....

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An idea is just a beginning, and proof of concept alone does not help patients.

As we move towards increasingly complex precision medicine approaches, achieving scientific validation and widespread clinical adoption for a new approach, therapy, or technological innovation on your own becomes less feasible.

It takes on average 17 years to go from research finding to clinical implementation. If you are going to help those who are suffering today, you need a much more efficient way to bridge this ‘translational gap’. Well designed and implemented collaborative projects improve the ability of multidisciplinary teams to deliver higher quality innovations.


"To him who devotes his life to science, nothing can give more happiness than increasing the number of discoveries, but his cup of joy is full when the results of his studies immediately find practical applications."

—Louis Pasteur